Smart Grids Innova Valencia 2023

Date: 2023/06/22

i-DE, the distribution company of the Iberdrola Group and the coordinator of the BeFlexible project, organized the Smart Grids INNOVA Valencia 2023 event to showcase cutting-edge R&D+i projects related to electrical grids. The event, held at the Veles e Vents building in La Marina de Valencia, brought together various collaborating and supplying companies, universities, technological institutes, and institutions from the Valencian Community.

One of the highlighted presentations at the event was the BeFlexible project, which was showcased by David Martín from i-DE and José Pablo Chaves Ávila from the University of Comillas. This project served as a prime example of the upcoming advancements in innovation projects focused on flexibility within the energy sector.

The discussions during the event focused on the essential components required for electrical grids to play a fundamental role in the energy transition. Key areas addressed included technological advancements, investment strategies, and regulatory frameworks. The participation of diverse stakeholders emphasized the significance of innovation as a catalyst for decarbonizing the economy.

Overall, the Smart Grids INNOVA Valencia 2023 event provided an excellent platform for industry leaders, researchers, and policymakers to exchange knowledge and insights, showcasing the importance of collaborative efforts in driving the energy transition forward.