ENLIT Europe 2023

Date: 2023/11/28

ENLIT Europe unfolded its dynamic energy landscape from November 28 to 30 in Paris, featuring a session organized by BeFlexible in collaboration with ENFLATE and STREAM projects. Held on November 28 from 13:30 to 14:30, the session, titled “Unlocking Flexibility Markets: Are Customers Ready to Embrace Innovation?” provided attendees with a platform for thoughtful discussions.

The event, which attracted over 150 enthusiasts eager to explore the intricacies of the evolving energy sector, featured speakers whose expertise elevated the discussions:

  • Fernando David Martin Utrilla: i-DE (Iberdrola group), BEFLEXIBLE Project Coordinator.
  • Jan Jeriha: University of Ljubljana, Stream_HE Project Coordinator.
  • Katerina Drivakou: UBITECH, ENFLATE Project Coordinator.
  • Ricardo Bessa: INESC TEC, Keynote Speaker, BeFlexible Project.
  • Susana Garayoa: Moderator and Institutional Relations at Zabala Innovation Europe, and part of BeFlexible EU.

Unlocking flexibility markets

The panel delved into critical topics surrounding flexibility markets, offering valuable insights into the energy sector’s future possibilities. Discussion points included barriers and motivations driving consumer engagement, platform interoperability, and evolving regulatory frameworks. The session emphasized a paradigm shift towards intelligent grid connectivity for consumers, recognizing the demand for incentives, education, feedback, and support in active participation.

Highlighting the pivotal role of platforms, the panel explored possibilities within various EU-funded cluster projects. Regulatory challenges and proposed flexible service solutions were also discussed.

Key takeaways from the keynote speaker, Ricardo Bessa, included the challenge of long-term customer engagement in flexibility markets, the potential of a combination of monetary and non-monetary incentives to unlock flexibility, the need for increased consumer information and energy literacy, and the bottleneck of low voltage grids for decarbonization, requiring new planning and operational paradigms.

Moreover, he explained that interoperability between platforms, systems, and services is fundamental for fast and cost-effective flexibility exploitation.

Addressing regulatory complexities, Bessa highlighted the growing challenge of accommodating new Distributed Energy Resources (DER), roles, and business models, with a specific focus on cross-border harmonization, the explicit integration of flexibility in security of supply assessments, and the implementation of cost-reflective network charges.

The event not only facilitated knowledge exchange but underscored the collaborative efforts necessary to shape the future of the energy landscape.

BeFlexible extends sincere thanks to all participants for their active involvement. The collaborative spirit and commitment to innovation have set the stage for continued exploration in the ever-evolving energy landscape.